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Shak Khan (Raja Sony Palwan) Hailing from the village of Sochani near the town of Dadyal, Azad Kashmir in Pakistan, Shak Khan is the current Pakistani World Wrestling Champion.

Shak has a range of fighting skills and techniques learnt thoughout years of fighting in championships worldwide and also whilst training with some of the most respected fighters in the field. Trained by the world famous International Pakistani Heavyweight champion of Azad Kashmir Ali Shan who has competed in tournaments around the world but is now since retired. Also trained in the UK by the most feared british world of sport wrestler "Dangerous" Dave Duran (John Palin).

Shak has come a long way since turning Professional at 16. Starting out at Blackpool Pleasure beach taking on members of the public for money at the Wrestling Challenge shows that took place in the mid 1980's.


Beast from the East

Commonly refered to as the Beast from the East, Shak Khan lives up to his name with his aggresive fighting style.

Shak has also been known to have been called The Mad Man from Pakistan and Killer Khan. You only have to watch his bouts to discover why!

Known for his great groundwork and submission style Shak is a great all round wrestler. Shak has an enourmous following both at home and abroad and takes great pride in representing the people of Azad Kashmir in tournaments all around the world!

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