E.C.W. are on the lookout for new talent to join the promotion and participate in tournaments in the U.K. and abroad, We are looking to develop tag teams, female wrestlers, heavyweights, middleweights, and masked wrestlers. If you think you have what it takes to be a pro-wrestler and would like to be a part of E.C.W's wrestling team, contact E.C.W. about our pro-wrestling training course.

email: info@shakkhan.co.uk  

The Training Programme consists of:

1) The basics of wrestling amateur & pro

Take downs, Turn overs, Submissions etc...
Running the ropes
Forward rolls
Break falls front and back
Locking up

2) Skill and speed training

Speed of rope running
Turnbuckle to turnbuckle
Climbing the ropes
Leapfrogs tackles and dropdowns
Escapes from all holds

3) Conditioning & Training

Stretching exercises
Standing squats
Situps and pushups
Overall cardiovascular conditioning

4) A personal unbiased report on your strengths, potential & required improvements

Recap on all topics
Polish your weak points
Mastering your favourite moves
Ordering your tights and boots and much more... We cover all aspects of the wrestling business.

The E.C.W. Wrestling Gym

Situated in the South Shore area of Blackpool, England. The E.C.W. Wrestling Gym is fully equipped with two full sized rings, exercise area, punch bags, mirrors and changing facilities including showers.

The course is run every Sunday evening 6pm - 8pm Group sessions and one-to-one classes are taught by the Mid-Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Shak Khan! Male or Female participants are most welcome.

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